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    Best Way to Self Train for Web/Print Design/Coding



      I have a question regarding Adobe training relating self training.


      I appologize for posting the question in the Creative Cloud forum, however, with an absence of a training / graphic or web design forum,

      I decided that Creative Cloud forum is likely the most appropriate forum to post in. Appoligies if I am wrong and an administrator has to move.


      My question is regarding is using Adobe products and training in order to self train to become a proficient Web/Graphic/Multi-media designer and coder.


      I was wondering if the classroom in a book series and the ACE certificates would give the self trained person enough skill to become proficient as a professional designer / coder and if so, which ACE certificates in order to become a good all rounder.


      I also ask if the other adobe certificates aimed at schools is available for those who wish to self train, as some of us can not afford to go back to college / Uni.

      (I already have a BA degree in Sound technology, a GNVQ L3 in Art and Design and completed the 1st year of a BA/BSc Degree in Multimedia design).


      If the Ace certificates are good, then which ones would be best for my purposes and in which order.

      Also, any other courses from Adobe (or other sources, self directed/online).


      Also, I would like to congratulate Adobe on their Cloud method of delivery and their new monthly payment plans, such a strategy makes self training affordable to those who have low disposible income. This strategy must go a long way to reducing software piracy.