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    flipping animation




      I have made an animation on timeline with classic tweens - a girl doing side stretches to the right.

      I have everything nested inside one big symbol, containing several symbols (head, shirt, hands, legs etc.).


      And I would like here to do the side stretches to the left as well.

      One way would be just to flip the big symbol.

      But I can not do that as the character contains shadows and highlights.


      Is there some other way to get here doing the stretches to the other side as well or do I have to really go symbol by symbol and keyframe by keyframe and adjust everything?


      many thanks in advance!


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you should be able to change the scaleX property and then apply a different shadow (using actionscript).  i'm not sure what you have for highlights but if those were done using filters, they can be applied/changed using actionscript too.

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            Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

            Yeah there's really no way to do it because you're essentially flopping the artwork and if it's got highlights, they'll flip too. In the future what I would have done was make sure that every piece of the art has an opposite flopped highlight as well (and that each symbol was on single frame) and then changed all symbols to display frame 2. Maybe Kglad has some action script to do that on the fly, I don't know. You could also just copy the clip into another scene and then tweek it, and mass rename the library contents.

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              rahex Level 1

              Thank you for your replays!

              Did it all by hand. Took a lot of time, but the result was nice.