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    Master project does not display child project content since upgrade to Windows 7 and Robo 10


      I have recently been migrated to Windows 7 (from XP) and at the same time needed to upgrade from Robo 8 to version 10.  Once I upgraded my child project files and master project (no choice), my child projects simply blink or strobe when I try to view them in the Master.  My users prefer to use the consolidated master project view (one access point) as opposed to multiple access points for each of my child projects (I have 14!!).  I have read the Merged webhelp guide prepared by Peter Grainge but I am confused about the redirect which is something I've never had to do before.  The Robohelp 10 Guide does not mention anything about a redirect. 

      How do I get my Master project back on track?  Any suggestions?