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    Why doesn't adobe support help with my question?


      Why doesn't adobe support help with my question? If I wanted to wait (for 3 days) for an answer I would have went somewhere else . Now for you to know what the question was this is it. Adobe will not upgrade on my windows 8 have went through the steps to make sure i have adobe installed and I do.  Yet when I go to play a game it says i need to upgrade my flash player. So I go and check out the reason it won't upgrade and everything is as it should be. run test it says the shockwave fiter or the activex filter has a problem   so go through everything again and again and again. Decided i need more help so contacted support and they verified who I was sent me an email telling me who I am so got a reply from a support person and basicaly told me exactley what i already did. Still nothing has answered the original question which is why won't this upgrade?