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    Print output missing TOC by reference

    starrd Level 1

      I've skimmed through the forums and Peter G's site and not found quite the solution to this. I recently created a single TOC that I use by "reference" in other TOCs for custom output. The goal is to avoid having to manually update all the assorted locations.  This works beautifully for web output but I just noticed that it's not expanded for print output. I don't know whether I'm missing a step to tickle the print ssl to see it or if it's unsupported.


      The print output file definitely "changed" - the whole chunk I replaced with a reference TOC is missing now.  I have a simple workaround but really would like to know if there is a way to make this work. Screenshot attached of the source TOC and the two usage locations (one for webhelp and the other for print).






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          starrd Level 1

          Incidentally, the behavior is the same whether I generate PDF or Word -- this is using Single Source Layout Properties dialog.  However, when I generate a PDF for Review using the contextual menu while selecting the desired TOC (UserGd-4-InfoRes above), the details are all properly expanded but RH 10 consistently crashes during processing.  I don't want to use this workflow, so the crash is not an issue for me (although it should not happen) -- I am mentioning it because the TOCis clearly expanding.


          The settings for that case are in the screenshot here:



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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            I just set up a simple three topic project with one topic in the TOC and a reference to a second TOC. The second TOC contains the other two topics.


            In both Printed Output and PDF review, I am seeing all three topics correctly.


            Try that and see what you get.


            See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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              starrd Level 1

              I revisited it again today and it seems to be resolved. I'm not sure if a week of opening and closing the project triggered something, but this time I was able to expand the full reference TOC in the content selection dialog, rather than just picking the "CDM" label. That expanded the list fully which works now. A mystery. I guess the "answer" is that if the TOC doesn't expand in the content window, there is no way the printed output will magically extract it. Thank for the reply, Peter.