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    Garbage matte or better solution???

    Ced Level 1

      ..hey, I am new to Premiere and After Effects. I am currently editing a project, and I need to place a garage door in a shot, covering an open space. The shot is in slow motion, with a pan, so I also need to use animation. I have been trying to use the sixteen point garbage matte, with some success, but I keep getting these extra lines and points, so my automation is not fluid at all. Is there a tutorial on performing this type of edit in Ae or Pr. It was suggested

      that I would need to work with trackers and "AEFX Cameras" and maybe stabilization. Mocha is probably a suggestion that would be made because of the "planes" involved...is there a tutorial on this??? or, could anyone give me a step-by-step on how to do this???...thanks

      (I'm trying to upload frame grabs, unsuccesfully)