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    How can I change the appearance of my ePub TOC ?

    loveAndPeace Level 1

      I would like to modify the size (smaller) and the color and if possible to eliminate the underlining in the TOC.


      When I export, the

      Left Frame is:

      default: black

      default font


      My question regards the Right Frame.


      The following style is applied to all of my Level_1 headings.


      Paragraph style Named:  Level_1.

      Font:  comic sans

      Color: sky blue.




      I export as an .epub.

      The Right frame, the 2nd page in the .epub carries the SAME

      Paragraph Style Named: 

      but is Also UNDERLINED.



      It is too BOLD and BRIGHT for my taste since all of these hyperlink are lined up one under the other.


      This is not a problem within the context of my ebook whereas my Level_1 headings are spaced out.