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    Edge File Corruption


      I started an Edge project for a class and over the course of the time of me working on it, it slowly began to glitch more and more until the file couldn't even be opened in the program anymore.

      It started out as the images in the program not showing up all the way but when you would test it in a browser it would all be there. Then one day more images disappeared in the program and they weren't showing up in the browser. The images were also glitching in the folder I had on my USB stick. I kept the project on the USB and I am very good at ejecting from the computer before removing it and I only had this project on the USB. Now it has completely gone corrupt. I had sent a copy of it to my professor to see if she could fix it before everything disappeared but that copy has now been corrupted as well. I attached some pictures of what was happening before the file was unable to be opened in Edge. If anyone could help me or wants my files to fix it I would REALLY appreciate it. I worked very hard on this project and I'd like to have something to show for it!!