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    Error 48 when straightening image


      Hi all, I'm using CS6/Creative Cloud and all of a sudden I'm getting an error when I try to straighten an image. The message is as follows;


      Error 48 File or Folder does not exist

      Line: 34

      ->$ evalFile(g-StackScriptFolder + Path"Terminology,jsx")


      What does this mean? I get it with any picture I open, not just a particular one. I didn't have the problem before installing CS6/Creative Cloud. Previously I used CS5. I should also mention that I recently upgraded from OS Lion to OS Maverick, however I can't remember if the problem occurred before then. Thanks.



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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Automatic processes in Photoshop are done using Scripts, and the straighten image script appears to be broken on your system.  Have you tried obvious things like restarting the computer?  I don't like to suggest too much with Mac systems because they are not what I use, and that applies doubly with Mavericks, but ISTM that a reinstall would be the only way to fix it.  But wait for a Mac user or two to add their two cents worth.

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            MagnaL Level 1

            Yes, I shut my computer down every night so the restart hasn't fixed it. I'm debating just un-installing and re-installing the software. Thanks for the reply.