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    Using Multiple Video Sources with one audio track


      Using: Premiere Elements 11.


      Situation:  Band performance video project.  Three camera sources are being used.  (Stage front, stage left and overhead.)  Audio from stage left will be used as the audio track for the project.


      Quesion: What is the best way to incorporate all three video sources while maintaining the one audio source?  (Stack the clips, split and delete out the portions I'm not using?)


      Knowing that this may be a complicated answer, any help would be appreciated.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          For a multi-cam shoot, as you describe, I would Import Stage Left, and drag it to the Timeline in Video Track 1 w/ the Audio in Audio Track 1.


          Next, I would Import the other two camera's footage, and drag to the Timeline (Video Track 2 & 3).


          At this point, my first task would be to try to sync up the Clip 1, 2 & 3, and their Audio might be helpful for this.  When I have done the syncing, I would Alt+click on each Clip's Audio, and Delete that, leaving just the Video.


          Now, as PrE does not have full Multi-cam capabilities, with separate Monitors for each camera, the best that one can do is to lower the Opacity of the upper Clips, to "see through" them a bit. This will be easier by working on only one of the other camera's Clips at a time. I would spend some time studying each camera's footage, and making a few notes about when I might want to cut to Camera 2, or Camera 3. That will be easier than looking at all the footage with the lowered Opacity, IMHO.


          Using the principle that the Clip on the higher Track is all that will be seen, when Opacity is 100% and there are no Masks or Mattes, you only need the portion of Camera 2, or Camera 3, that you will want. You can Razor the Clip, leaving only the desired footage, and Delete the rest. If you do that, and you later determine that you really need a few more Frames of one of those Trimmed Clips, just click+drag on its Head, or Tail, to get those Frames.


          Good luck,