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    oreopeewee Level 1
      Is it possible in director to create a behavior that will open up an email applicaiton?

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          You can use Director's go URL behavior and specify "mailto:me@someplace.com" as the link whch will launch the mail application with the address prefilled but it has the undesirable side effect of also launching an internet browser window that will open to a blank page.

          You can prefill other fields like this: "mailto:me@someplace.com?subject=My Vacation&body=How come I did not get one."

          BuddyAPI has a similar command but it opens the mail app without the browser which is much nicer.

          Or, you can use the directEmail xtra to send email directly from your projector to an SMTP server

          Or, you can use postNetText to an ASP sendMail script which I just got finished doing and wouldn't wish on anyone ;-)
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            oreopeewee Level 1
            Thanks so much for the buddyapi advice. One more problem thought. Here is the behavior I attached to the sprite set OK = baOpenURL("mailto:cottonp@musc.edu","Normal") and here is the error message I'm getting. Script error handler definition expected. Can you tell what I did wrong?

            thanks again
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              Did you put the code inside some event?

              For example:

              on mouseUp me
              OK = baOpenURL("mailto:cottonp@musc.edu","Normal")
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                a¿ex Level 1
                baOpenUrl is a method of the buddyApi xtra.
                the xtra must be present in your xtras folder otherwise the handler "baOpenUrl" is "not defined".

                put the xtra buddyApi in your director xtras (in the folder "Configuration" next to your director application folder) folder and don't forget to provide it with your published project (either in a separate xtras folder or by including it)
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                  oreopeewee Level 1
                  Perfect!!! thanks so much for your help