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    Agreement won't send


      Hi, I am trying to send a test agreement (looking at the API, agreements : Agreements....POST  /agreements), and what I have is not working. I have changed things 100s of times, yet it keeps saying:


      { "message": "An invalid JSON was specified.", "code": "INVALID_JSON" }


      I tried changing the format constantly, and this is what I last put in:




        "documentCreationInfo": {

          "signatureType": "ESIGN",

          "recipients": [


              "email": "codyc4321@mail.com",

              "role": "SIGNER"



          "signatureFlow": "SENDER_SIGNATURE_NOT_REQUIRED",

          "libraryDocumentIds": [






      I am testing in the REST API section, https://secure.echosign.com/public/docs/restapi/v1?rf=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F#!/ag reements/_post_0.


      The test would go to my email. We think the 'optional' fields may need to be included, just empty. Any thoughts?





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          SimonATS Adobe Employee

          Hi Cody,


          This is better suited in the API forum, so I've moved this thread to that forum.


          have you created a new REST application and obtained an application ID and secret token?


          Also to send an agreement you need to generate a token as well which needs to be included.