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    Collecting SSNs for Rental Application


      I was told before subscribing to FormsCentral & Acrobat that collecting SSNs from applicants through our website using an embedded form would be secure. The company we are using to rework our website is concerned about the security of using FormsCentral to do this. They have sent me an email with a quote stating:


      Here's some information from Adobe on this issue:

      "Formscentral is a service that is designed to create and provide web based forms for business and casual users to present to the public. As such, adobe has taken "reasonable" precautions against data piracy, but these are at a business level and not meant to be utilized in regulated industry, and as noted before, it is not intended for use with personally identifiable or confidential information"


      I do not know where they found this quote, but I need a straight answer about this. This is the main reason for purchasing this product was to collect respones to the online rental application. Can I please get some information about this? I do not want to put customers at risk. Thank You