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    Problems activation movie clips in buttons

      I have been using Dreamweaver for a few years now, gradually self teaching myself and have just ventured
      into it's sister program 'Flash' with the aim of producing a simple animated button that does the following;

      = on up state - logo/text 'static'
      = on over state - logo change / text 'static'
      = on down state - logo rotates to 'rub out' text and stops, then 'goes to url'

      I have been working on this for three days and am surrounded by books but have finally decided that there must
      be something i'm missing!

      When I compile the button, (excluding the final command to 'get url' - i've never got that far), the movie clip won't play

      I test it in it's own window - perfect! - but when I try and play it by 'clicking' on the button after it has switched to the 'over' state
      it just flashes on the screen for a split second and that's it.

      I have even followed on-line tutorials, word for word but still can't overcome this problem. Can anybody please advise
      what it is i'm doing wrong?

      p.s. If anyone could email me a similar working button of their own so that I could see how it works that would help I think.

      kind regards