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    24bit Audio

      I want to record high quality 24bit 192kHz audio with Captivate 2. I've already learned that my TASCAM USB audio capture device is not support (well, actually NO usb devices are). My laptop has a SigmaTel audio chip on the mother board but after Captivate sets the audio level (kind of lame, I wish it had a manual adjustment) and counts down the Recording in 3, 2, 1.... It slames the gain to max and everything is distorted. So, my confidence in captivate's audio capture is not high. I'm not against buying an audio card to put in a computer, I would just like some reasonable expectation that it will work first.

      Doe's anyone have a list of cards or a set of specifications that the card must meet in order to GUARENTEE that Captivate will use it correctly?

      I have all the mics etc. in fact I have a complete recording studio to use. I read other comments about capturing offline and importing and I do have everything needed to do just that (including Audition and Audacity). However, my experience hasn't been good in trying to get the sound synced to the screen action.

      Thanks for your help.