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    Can someone please help me install flash player 13 for windows vista and IE 9?

    Caboos15 Level 1

      I use windows vista 32-bit operating system and my web browser is internet explorer 9.

      Today (15th of April 2014) I was asked to update to flash player 13, however whenever I try to do so it tells me it failed to register. I tried doing save and run as well as saving it to my desktop and running it there but I got the same result.


      I then tried downloading it through a direct link on the help website but got a message saying “The ActiveX control for flash player could not be registered”.


      Afterwards I tried doing a clean uninstalling of flash and installing it but that didn’t work. I also made sure to restart my laptop and full shut down.


      I read online both in the help sections provided by adobe and forums about changing settings for ActiveX. However the way the options were worded on those sites is different to mine for example I couldn’t find “allow scripting” but there was one called “allow scriptlets”. I did try changing a few but I’m not sure if I did it right as nothing worked so I reset them back to default just to be safe.


      At this moment I have no flash player installed on my laptop and I’ve been running out of options of things I can try.

      So can someone please give me some simple instructions for things I can try as I have been going round the same sites and been struggling to do anything.

      If you need more info I’ll try and provide as much as I can as well as screen shots if needed to help come up with solutions.

      I’ll truly be thankful to anyone who can offer help