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    Setting up render engines

    Robertw Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have created 2 VMs (windows 7 pro x64) as render engines by downloading/installing after effects and running the render engine exe found in program files, i have done this on both machines


      I have created a watch folder aswell on my file server and i have mapped the watch folder on all the render engines and after effect clients (mac)

      I have mapped all the drives to the pcs (render engines) using drive letter R, i have heard they all need to use the same letter to map the drive?


      Both my render engines are now watching the watch folder for any projects that go in there


      my question is on both render engines i can see the tv screen and it says waiting for files or something and when someone sends a job to the watch folder, it sees it as it quickly shows the file names in the box were the tv shows but it doesnt get added to the render que


      Can anyone explain why its not being added to the que but my render engine knows its there as i can see it searching through the files?


      Many thanks



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          Robertw Level 1

          i have got it working,


          i created another VM with after effects (same O/S and AE version) and im NOT using it as a render engine and i have mapped the same share as i have done with the render engines and when i save the project to the share both render engines pick it up and start to render the project


          so i believe it was mac and a pc issue and not the AE version as the mac was using CC