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    Time remap renders with transparent objects - Help!


      Hi there!


      Basic question here:



      - Timelapse sequence imported to After Effects (image sequence)

      - Enabled Time Remapping

      - Speed up clip (shortened it)

      - Export to H.264

      - FRAME BLENDING is OFF (because I want distinct objects and not a mix, this is not motion for blur)




      Things that move quickly appear to be at a low transparency.

      For example, a person walking through the frame appears to be at 50% transparency instead of a normal image.

      I have rendered out to QT Animation codec without this problem as well as DNxHD.



      How can I get the sequence to render so that fast moving objects appear at 100% opacity in H.264...

      Here is a really bad clip but a good example - the cars are ghost like: https://vimeo.com/70487179


      Any help would be appreciated!  Is this a codec thing?

      THANK YOU!!!!