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    Another One Lost


      I've been a user of Adobe products since 1995. Througout this time I've been very happy. I was almost blissful when I got my hands on Photoshop CS6 and learned what it could do. That happiness ended today. Today I made the mistake of signing-up for the Creative Cloud. Big mistake. I got install errors on the Creative Cloud set-up alone, so I immediately went about closing my account. No way am I participating in a $600/yr program when it's INSTALL application gives me an error straight out of the gate. Yes, I could have found out why I got the error and fixed it, but really, why should I bother? Errors so early point to bigger headaches down the road and with the price of the Creative Cloud, the last thing I should get is a fricking install error. So, back to cancelling my account. I assumed that would be easy. Big mistake. Finally, I ended up in chat with someone. Yay. What a pain Adobe has become, but it's to Corel's benefit; they will have finally made me a customer when CS6 ceases to fulfill my graphic needs.