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    Adding Text in French


      Adding some text in photoshop CS6, I have a need to use some French words which require accents (on letters). Is this available? How do I access it?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          An easy way is to use something like Word and paste into Photoshop.  Or something I do with just a word or two, like cafe, is type it into Google, which invariably comes back with the accented word (Café) that I can paste into Photoshop.


          Another way is to use the OS Character Map.  If using Windows 7 go to the start button and start typing Character Map from where you can ccopy and paste into Photoshop


          Character map.JPG

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            Macintosh or Windows?

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              Trevor, copying and pasting accented characters is simply unacceptably slow and cumbersome—in any language.


              In Windows, you can use the US-International keyboard layout, a software French keyboard layout, or any other foreign-language keyboard layout regardless of the physical keyboard you use, and switch keyboard layouts on the fly.  Just search for "US-International" in Windows "Help".


              On the Mac we have a similar but easier way of switching keyboard layouts through the Input menu on the Menu bar.  Personally, I use custom keyboard layouts I created myself, so I can write in English, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, French, Italian and Portuguese—without resorting to codes, tables or charts, and with a minimum of on the-fly-switching, as only Russian requires a separate custom layout, while the other 7 are integrated into a single custom software keyboard layout I use most of the time.

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                You can also use google to convert measurements