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    time indicator

    Arrakis Level 1

      When I preview my comp the time indicator goes back to the beginning once it reaches the end,  Is there a way so that it stops at the end of the work area or timeline?  Its not on loop, its on play once but I dont want it to go back.

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          Nic_Petersen Level 2

          If you want to do a RAM preview, set the Current Time Indicator (CTI) at the end of the comp and then run the RAM preview. By default, when you stop a RAM preview it will display the frame where the CTI was when the RAM preview started - this is also true when you have "Play Once" selected as the loop option. 


          Tangentially, if you want to stop the RAM preview at the current frame being displayed, press the spacebar rather than clicking the mouse or whatever method you choose to stop a RAM preview.