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    Creative Cloud update yields missing login fields

    Vince in OC

      I was trying, first of all, to figure out why I couldn't play a .swf file when my system tells me I had Flash Player 10 Active X installed. In trying to update Flash, I inadvertantly didn't uncheck that McAfee box and so had to cancel the update to start it again without that "feature." I've endured two blue screens of death. After that, the Creative Cloud program would not show the login fields when started. Uninstalling and re-installing it didn't fix the problem. In addition, uninstalling Flash Player 10 and re-installing Flash Player 13 didn't help either. I still can't play the .swf file. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. How can I, first of all, get the login fields to work and then get my system to recognize Flash Player 13?