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    Flash Player 13 Not working!


      I updated flash player 13 on mac yesterday and now it crashes with every site and or application! WTF?

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          Mike M Level 6

          ATTENTION MAC CUSTOMERS - Flash Player 13 "Plugin Failure" Workaround


          Stay away from 13 for a bit. The need to work out a bug or two for Macs.

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            How do I UN-install Version 13 now that it's causing such trouble?


            I have a Mac on OS 10.8.5.

            Safari 6.1.3


            Installed Flash Player 13 when the NPR site told me I had to have the latest Flash Player to listen to a story.

            Nothing changed. Still prompts me to install.

            Went to the SNL page to watch a video, got prompted again. Installed it again.

            Still get prompts to install.


            Video and audio won't play now.

            Any solution?

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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Hi pixvince,


              You can uninstall using the Flash Player Install Manager in /Applications/Utilities.  However, the crash that is referenced to in the first post was fixed shortly after that release, back in April.  If you're seeing crashes with the latest release (, it could be something else.




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                pixvince Level 1

                As of tonight, the same problem exists. I have installed Flash V 13 but the latest version of Safari still spits up warning messages that I must download the latest Flash Player on sites like NPR and Saturday Night Live.

                But I already have downloaded and installed the latest version.


                I rechecked both sites just now.

                Both fail to play the audio or video desired.


                I don't consider this a "crash" of Flash.


                Instead, the computer does not appear to be recognizing that the latest version has been installed at all.

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                  maria__ Adobe Employee

                  Hi pixvince,

                  As you indicate, the the behaviour you metion is not a crash, as such, adding to a thread about Flash Player crashing confuses matters.  In the future, please create a new thread for your issue (unless a recent thread for the same issue already exists).  It's most helpful for everyone.


                  I'll need some information from you to further troubleshoot the issue.  Please do the following:

                  • Go to http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html and click the 'Check Now' widget.  Take a screenshot of the results, including the widget and the system information, post the screenshot with the results.
                  • Post the list of Flash Player files located at: /Library/Internet Plug-ins
                  • Post the contents of the Flash Player install log file located at /Library/Logs/FlashPlayerInstallManager.log.
                    • This may be a large file file, so the contents at the end of the file, logging the installs/uninstalls close to when you started experiencing the issue should suffice.


                  Do you have the latest video and sound card drivers installed?  Sometimes issues are caused by older drivers.


                  Thank you in advance.