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    Flash player will not install


      I successfully download the installer for Flash 13.  Yes, my computer meets all the requirements.

      I am running Mavericks.  I suspect that is the problem but am willing to be shown otherwise.
      I click on the icon in my download queue.

      The Install Flash Player box appears.

      I double-click on the icon and begin the installation process.

      The blue bar loads.

      And then I get a completely black box with "Adobe Flash Player Installer" at the top.

      When I close the box, I get sent to a webpage that says:


      Adobe Flash Player could not be installed.

      You can troubleshoot your installation with the following resources:


      And it asks me to start over.

      I do, and the same thing happens all over again.

      I have tried all the troubleshooting processes.   They don't work.  I uninstalled the old Flash Player.  And now I have no Flash Player on my computer.  Which makes it impossible to do my job.  This is very frustrating.

      What is wrong?  How do I install Flash Player?