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    Combining InDesign Documents


      Hi all! I am the editor-in-chief for my high school's newspaper, and we consistently encounter a big problem when combining InDesign documents to be sent to the printer. When we add pages from one InDesign document to another, all of the spacing that we worked tirelessly on has been ignored and replaced with some automatic spacing that InDesign does. I have tried giving the documents the same Paragraph Styles, and make sure to have All Information checked under preferences. However, neither of these things have worked. Please let me know if you had this problem and diagnosed it. Thanks a ton---



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          Migintosh Level 4

          See if your printer will accept PDF instead of InDesign. That's the preferred workflow that most people on this forum would recommend. You could export all of your separate documents to PDF and combine them together into a single PDF with Acrobat.


          By the way, what methods are you using to get your spacing the way you want it. Maybe you could open a typical page, show the hidden characters and take a screenshot. You can upload it to the forum by clicking the camera icon above.


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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Your moving problem is probably related to either differences in master pages or styles. When you move a page, if the destination document uses the same names for things, the definitions inthe destination are used and you can have this sort of change.


            I'm the production advisor for the student paper at my local community college, so I've got a lot of experience with the sort of thing you are doing. The very first thing I would tell you to do is to create a template file with you master pages and styles from which all pages will be built. That's how you maintain consistency.


            At our paper we almost never work with more than a single page per document, which is a real pain for jumps, but it allows multiple users to be editing pages at the same time, and I suspect you are in the same situation, and you're trying to combine pages when the issue is complete. As Migintosh says, there's no reason to do that if you use PDF to send to your printer. We don't even need to combine the pages into a single PDF for them (though you should check with your printer to see if that's acceptable) since we never go over 8 pages and it's not a chore for them to manually impose.