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    Lost indesign file please help


      Hi guys,


      last night I was working on some coursework, I had just done saves throughout the night multiple times to the same name as ''Design.indd'' on my desktop. I then plugged in my HDD. I then right click ''save as'' and then went over my design.indd on the desktop to make sure it was saved correctly. I then did control c on my ''design.indd'' file on the desktop and pasted it on my hdd. As it began copying indesign crashed and gave some error. I then looked on my desktop and my file of 'design.indd' was gone but instead one a weird not .indd file but new one appeared called '' design(.indd1058499230551)'' I then opened as an indesign file this one and then when It opened it opened a version of my ''design.indd'' courework a few weeks ago.


      I have found some recovery files in my cache which are DBT followed by (randomnumbers). files.


      I really need to get back to where I was working before hand.


      Can anyone add me?


      I can talk on skype also and willing to pay a small fee if you can help.


      Thanks guys,