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    Themes disappear after sharing!


      I recently started using Kuler. I really like the app! I love to take photos, and have it pick colors! It's now one of my favorite things to do.


      I have been emailing myself my themes from the Kuler app on my iPhone (to save them as a jpeg for sharing, I do not want to save them as a palette for photoshop - for now), to share them on my blog. The problem is, after emailing it to myself, the theme disappears from my themes on the app, and even on the website.


      Where do they go? Can I get them back?


      I still want them available on the site at least.

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          Dave E Employee Moderator

          Couple things to try:


          (1) Make sure you are signed-in.  You can't share unless you are signed in.  (tap the settings icon in the Kuler iOS app)

          (2) Make sure your themes are marked as "public".  If your themes are marked as "private", only you will be able to view them. 

          (3) Make sure you are using the same account for the website and the iOS app.  You may be accidentally using two different accounts. 


          Hope that helps!