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    Worker Question


      Hi, I can't get any traces from my worker swf. I have a main swf and a worker swf. The traces in the worker's constructor and the message handler when receiving messages are not showing. In the main swf, the event handler for worker running works and the listWorkers function shows there are workers. Heres the code for the worker:


      public function Worker()



                                    bm = Worker.current.getSharedProperty("btm");

                                    mb = Worker.current.getSharedProperty("mtb");

        trace("BackWorker " + mb);

                                    mb.addEventListener(Event.CHANNEL_MESSAGE, onMainToBack);



                          protected function onMainToBack(event:Event):void





                                              var header:String = bm.receive();

                                              if(header == "HELLO")








      none of the traces from the worker swf is showing and I don't get a reply from the bm.send() function.


      Anyone know why?