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    Can I transfer free lib books from ADE to Nexus 7?

    Susan XXX

      Hello,  I'm away from home a lot and used to borrow public library ePub books, which I downloaded onto ADE on my computer from the library's website, and then onto my Nook reader, and I was good to go.  However, I needed a tablet for other things, so decided to "upgrade".  From reading all the marketing literature and several reviews, I believed I could  get thr free library ePub books onto my new Nexus 7 (running 4.3) in the same manner, via an ADE app.  However, now that the Nexus is in my hands, I can't find a way to do this.  There isn't an ADE app for the Nexus, and all indications are that the latter will only "accept" books bought from Google Stores. 


      Does anyone know what's true?  If I should be able to read the library books on my Nexus, I'd sure appreciate being told how to do it.  Otherwise, I think I'll have to return this tablet, and start all over again--yipes.


      Many thanks,  Susan