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    dwmapi.dll causing Photoshop CS6 to crash


      Had a situation arise last Friday where Photoshop would either hang or flat crash after I tried to manipulate any picture or text, no matter the function or action I took. After looking at the log, I've found that the Fault Module Name: dwmapi.dll is where the crash is originating. I've tried to update, quite literally, eveything that I can think of to resolve this issue. I'm open to and welcome any thoguhts where this is concerned. If you need to see the log, I'll post it.

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          That's a Windows library.  You could have a driver bug, a third party plugin bug, or a corrupt OS install (which might include malware damage).



          First thing to try: disable GPU drawing and restart Photoshop. If that works, then the cause was your video card driver (which should be updated from the GPU maker's website).