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    Clicking certain parts of PS CC UI remove brush functionality (can't paint until tab-out)


      I ran this fix here on the Asus Vivotab Note 8: http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/tablet-functions-dont-photoshop-142.html


      and ran into this weird problem.


      if I click certain parts of photoshop -- ie the swatches which were docked to the right as default -- the brush would not paint. this is fixable by tabbing out, or clicking on the photoshop icon on the taskbar even and clicking back on PS. moving the swatches and all the other toolbars slightly so that none of them are docksnapped to edges fixed that problem with most of the buttons, tec. BUT using the menu pulldowns at the top will trigger this annoyance, also if I use a plugin like painters wheel, for example, clicking the colour wheel itself will render the brush non-functional again. Also, clicking certain settings inside the brush settings menu will also trigger this problem (like pulldown menus, etc).


      Thanks for looking into this!