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    Pictures/Photos/Images in InDesign


      Hi all!


      I have been using InDesign for about a year now, and I have never faced a problem like the one I am facing now and have been facing over the past couple of days.

      I have a project which entails me putting some custom designed calligraphy [originally done in PS] into my InDesign project. Usually, whenever I have had to put an image or photograph into InDesign, it has happened smoothly and the file has retained its quality when exported as a PDF. However, this time round, the calligraphy is all blurry and fuzzy in spite of the original being very clean.


      Any clues as to what the problem is?

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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          Photoshop files are rasterized when placed into InDesign, but Photoshop PDF files can maintain live type.

          Might solve the problem


          EDIT: reconsidering this, it is likely the the Caligraphy is not live type.

          You essentially have an image file. While the standard 300 dpi image is suitable for continuous tone images your need here is higher due to the sharp contrast, strokes and curves.

          Work at 1200 dpi of final size. If the final file is grayscale, ID's pdf presets will downsample that image to 300. That selection can be chnaged.

          If the image is monotone, ID's pdf presets will maintain the 1200 dpi.


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