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    Updates failed!!

    MartyR707 Level 1

         Adobe your programs are junk!!  I have spent many hours trying to solve a simple problem.  When advised to update my cresative cloud products which I pay for monthly, I get update failed!  I have bugs in my programs, you cannot get me the updates - this is horrible!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Link for Download & Install & Setup & Activation may help

          -Chat http://www.adobe.com/support/download-install/supportinfo/



          -has links about download/update failures

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            MartyR707 Level 1

            I have spent so much time with support and internet searching and hours on the phone with tech support.  Somehow - even though I was told the update failed, my DW is now the latest version.  Other problems I have been having , I have almost solved by myself with trial and error - when the so-called support team could not help me at all.  I am disgusted with the whole thing.

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              I feel like I understand your sentiments exactly. I am at the point of frustrated tears with the CC software. Crashes left and right (doing the simplest of tasks) update failures, and just general feeling of being straight up wallet-raped. I'm paying a monthly service for possibly the worst versions of the software that I've used (going all the way back before the Creative Suite). This is the second weekend in a row that I've tried to sit down and do some freelance work and have spent literally the ENTIRE day trying to sort out my software without accomplishing a single thing.. Utter and complete ********.


              The worst part is that I know it's never going to get any better. It'll just get more expensive and less practical. And people will still have to shell out their hard-earned money to use 'industry standard' software.


              --End rant.


              Sorry, I know this wasn't helpful at all for resolving your issue, but at least take comfort in knowing you are nowhere near alone in this.