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    Error opening file for writing - My Digital Editions - welcome.epub


      When installing Digital Editions 3.0, installation stopped and I received this error:


      Error opening file for writing:


      \My Digital Editions\welcome.epub


      Click Abort to stop the installation,

      Retry to try again, or

      Ignore to skip this file.


      I completely uninstalled the previous version (2.0) before trying to install.  Trying to reinstall 3.0 gives me the same exact error.  A search of the Forums did not turn up a similar issue; I can't believe this is a unique problem.


      Windows Vista Enterprise Service Pack 2.

      3.00 GB RAM

      Two 500 GB hard drives; neither one even 3/4 full.





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          Fred_Toon Level 1

          I think I found my own solution to this issue.  It seems to be caused by reinstalling Digital Editions after uninstalling an older version.  Before trying to install the package again, I downloaded a fresh copy of the welcome.epub file.  You can find this on the Adobe Digital Editions Home / Download Adobe Digital Editions page under Additional Downloads.  It's disguised, so it reads Download Getting Started with Adobe Digital Editions (EPUB, 55 KB): http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/products/digital-editions/assets/welcome.e pub.

          Create -- if you don't have it already -- a folder under C:\Users\YourUserID\Docs\ (substituting your own User ID for YourUserID, of course) called My Digital Editions.  Copy the welcome.epub file you downloaded into the new folder.  It seems that since I moved My Documents to another drive, Adobe couldn't find its Getting Started book during the installation.

          This work-around worked for me; no guarantee it will solve the issue for everyone.