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    flash crashed and now I cannot open my fla file.


      I was working on a final project for school and Flash tried to auto save. It said it couldn't auto save and asked me to save a different way. When I clicked file to save as to the desktop it just crashed. I had made one change at this point and didn't care if I lost progress, but when I went to open the file it said it couldn't be opened.


      I need to recover this file because I only have a much earlier version saved on my computer at home and this project is due in a week. Please help me!! I am using CS6 btw on a mac if it makes a difference.

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          This is a very well known issue. I suggest you look in these existing threads and follow some of their suggestions. Ultimately, unless the repair archive method works, it's probably not able to be recovered. Saving iterations of Flash files is workflow you should get used to (File.fla, File_v2.fla, File_v3.fla, etc).


          Try saving your file (once you get some working version) to an XFL file. This is an easier format to manage if you have a repository (SVN, git, etc).

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