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    Creating multiple columns in InDesign CC for Mac


      I have InDesign CC 9.2 for Mac with the World Tools add-on. Right now I'm typesetting a document that requires one section to be printed in two columns, with the rest of the document appearing normally. On Word it was formatted correctly, but when I placed it in InDesign,  the two columns are one after the other instead of side by side. (I know this is because InDesign formats according to the main document style in the original.)


      According to InDesign Help, you can change the columns by creating a new text frame. However, whenever I try to use the selection tool, the cursor just shows a lock icon and nothing else happens.

      On my preferences I had to uncheck "prevent selection of locked objects" to make sure I could edit from my document templates. If that preference is checked, I can't use the text tool.


      How can I add the text frame to create the two-column section in my documents?