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    Can't install Flash Player.

    Coulee Clyde

      I use Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 and my HP desktop meets necessary specs for Flash Player.

      I uninstalled Flash Player and can't re-install it.  I use the downloadable  installer and it starts OK but after a few seconds it says that the Active-X control for Flash Player could not be registered.  That offers a link to troubleshoot the installation for Windows and the link illustrates dialogue boxes with "manage add-ons" displays.  But my "View and manage add-ons" does not have a listing of Flash Player (or Shockwave Flash Object....), tho it has a listing of Adobe Reader and other programs.  So the instruction from the troubleshoot page--to be sure the Shockwave Flash Object is enabled--can't be carried out.


      What next?  I understand Google Chrome comes with Flash Player.  If I uninstall and re-install Google Chrome, will that take care of Flash Player for it?  I'm concerned about doing that because the reason I uninstalled Flash Player was because both IE and Chrome kept crashing and I would get a comment from Chrome that the plug-in had crashed. 

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          Mike M Level 6

          "Failed to register" means that the ActiveX component failed to write to the Windows registry (on your system). Most times. this is caused by a change in permissions, which doesn't allow the installer to write files, or overwrite exisiting files.

          Download this file: Take ownership.zip

          Unzip it, and double click the ".reg" file it contains.

          Click "Yes" and "OK" to install it.

          You will now be able to take "root level" ownership of ANY file or folder on your system.

          Right click your C/Windows/System32 folder  and select "Take Ownership".

          A command prompt window will open as the new permissions are applied. (It takes a while)

          Once it's finished, you can modify or delete any file or folder in the System32 folder.



          Download the following:

          Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

          Flash Player Uninstaller

          Also, download these:

          Shockwave Player Uninstaller

          You'll need to install Shockwave with the FULL installer for IE too, but there isn't a direct download for it. You'll need to go to: http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/otherversions/ using IE AFTER everything else is done.


          Save all the files and close your browser.

          Run the uninstallers first (both of them)

          Go to: C/Windows/System32

          Delete the Macromed folder.

          Open your Registry Editor (Start>Run or press the Windows key + R and type 'regedit' [minus the quotes] and click OK)

          In the Registry Editor, go to:


          Delete the Macromedia folder (Right click and choose "Delete").

          Go to:

          HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software and delete the Macromedia folder there too.

          Close the Registry Editor and empty your recycle bin.

          Run the Flash Player installers, and then the Shockwave FULL installer you downloaded.

          Lastly, open IE and go to: http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/otherversions/ to download and install the Shockwave FULL installer for ActiveX (IE).


          Once the owenrship permissions are applied, you should see no ActiveX registration errors during the install.

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            Good morning.
            Excuse my poor English.

            I was happy until a week ago with Flash Player v.

            I have Windows 7 Ultimate with Internet Explorer v.11 and I am the administrator.

            From the installation of the update v.
  , a disaster after disaster.

            Each time, the progress reaches the end but registration fails. And in the control panel appears as the Player Activex "uninstalled".

            I followed all your instructions. Taken possession of the folders, uninstalled everything and cleaned Macromed folders. Then clean install.

            Nothing at all. Not installed.

            I have now tried to revert to version 12 and neither
            and appears complete Installation message, but does not install activex.

            What can I try yet?

            I am willing to put the files one by one manually, if necessary

            Thank you very much for your attention.
            Greetings from Madrid.


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              Coulee Clyde Level 1

              Thanks for sharing your experience.  I am going to try going thru the steps listed, tho I am ready for disappointment after reading your message.  I'll post the outcome of my efforts.

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                dulci2014 Level 1

                Thank you very much for your interest.
                What is frustrating is that aparentemente is installed.
                It would almost be appropriate use a file  *. reg to do everything, or write manually the data.

                Without Flash is almost impossible navigate.

                If you need any information, please ask to share the situation we I have.


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                  Coulee Clyde Level 1

                  Hello Mike M,   I followed your instructions and have hit the same original problem at the same point in the installation.  I successfully deleted Macromed and Macromedia, closed the registry editor, emptied the recycle bin.  When I ran the Flash Player installer, it ran a few seconds and then, as before, stopped and informed me that the Active X control for Flash Player could not be registered.  Didn't say why.  Any other thoughts?

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                    Coulee Clyde Level 1

                    Hi--I have just posted a reply to Mike M.  Installation failed.

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                      Mike M Level 6

                      Use the MSI installer: http://download.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/licensing/win/install_flash_player_ 13_active_x.msi

                      That's what I/T admins use to "push" Flash Player over a network. It cures this in all but the most obscure of cases.

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                        Coulee Clyde Level 1

                        Thanks Mike.  Flash Player installed right away with the MSI installer you provided.  I was able to view a video.  I think it installed Shockwave also, but a test for Shockwave on the Adobe FAQ page wouldn't run and said it needs some kind of repair of the xtras box.  I don't need Shockwave for my level of useno games, business presentationsso I plan to ignore that unless it would impair Flash or some other function.  Any comment?  Thanks again.

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                          pwillener Level 8

                          If you don't need Shockwave Player, don't install it.

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                            Coulee Clyde Level 1

                            Thanks Pat, good advice.  Actually the Shockwave installation seems to have been an automatic result of the Flash Player "push" installation with the msi  installer (April 22 advice).  So I'm really wondering whether it's better to uninstall it or leave it alone since things are working OK now.

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                              dulci2014 Level 1

                              Thank you very much, because after a lot of headaches your * msi installer has allowed me to install Flash in Windows 7 64bits.
                              Now - but it's less urgent -  I'll take care of Shockwave, which still resists.
                              Again, thank you very much.