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    Relinking Images from User to User


      Ok so here is the senerio. I'm sorry it's long but I'm not sure how to explaine my problem.


      I work for a firm and our main client is a fast food restaurant. We have 1000's of food images that we have stored in an image bank on our ptivate server. Let's say I design a menu containing about 50 of these food images. One of the food images is a hamburger. This hamburger is linked to the image on our server and the path is as follows  My_Private_Server/Food_Images/Burgers/burger.eps.


      Now, we have a freelance designer that is offsite on a different computer and can not access our image bank on our private server. So what we did is gave them an external hard drive that has an identically structured image bank as the one on the private storage. Meaning all the folders and images are identical. Now, we send the freelance designer just the .indd file. They open the document and all the images need to be relinked. So for instance the burger images needs to be relinked from:


      My_Private_Server/Food_Images/Burgers/burger.eps to



      And all of the other images need to be changed as well. For instance the soda image (and every image) needs to be relinked from


      My_Private_Server/Food_Images/Soda/coke.eps to



      How can I relink all these images without having to relink each individual image at a time?


      Basically what Im asking is there a way to tell indesign, when looking for a linked image, to look in the image bank located in

      Freelance_External/ and not the image bank loaded at My_Private_Server/


      The reason is that we are constantly doing revisions on these documents back and forth and packaging the file and sending all the images back and forth is not an option due to large file sizes.  I'm not sure if this makes sence or not, but if someone can help me that would be great! Thanks!