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    Flash Menu in Captivate

      We are currently tasked with updating SAP training that was created with OnDemand software. The current simulations have a Javascript menu on each screen which provides various functions including moving from current slide to next or previous slides.

      When the existing movie is played and captured, we lose the javascript menu functionality.

      I have created a Flash Menu and have imported it to the newly captured Captivate movie. All links on the menu work except Next Slide and Previous slide.

      The script I use for the button for the Next slide is as follows:
      this.next_btn.onRelease =function(){
      Also I have tried substituting for nextFrame "play" and for the target path "_root" for the first "_parent."

      The variables "rdcmndNextFrame" and "rdcmndPrevious" do not work unless you are using a playback bar, which detracts from the simulation.

      Has anyone ever created this type of functionality? It seems that it would be straight forward. It is most likely a target path issue. The captivate movie is the container for the flash menu. To access the captivate movie timeline and move to the next or previous slide is what I really need.