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    CS5 won't select brushes the first time I click on them




      I'm having some trouble with picking brushes to use in CS5. The first issue is that when I scroll through the different brushes available, if I hover over one for too long (in order to make the alt text with the brush's name show up), the brush selection will jump back to whatever I had selected previously, and I have to scroll through again to get back where I was. The second issue is that when I click a new brush I want to use, then move my cursor to the canvas, the brush resets itself to whatever I had selected previously, and I have to go back and reselect the new brush. (Sometimes more than once.) It's really messing up my work flow...


      Does anybody have any idea how to make Photoshop actually select the brush I click on the first time I click it?


      I tried reseting the brushes to the default, so that there weren't so many (I've downloaded quite a few) but this didn't help. I also tried restarting Photoshop. The problems are still happening.


      For the record, I am using Photoshop CS5 on a Mac running OS 10.6.8. I'm using a Wacom tablet but also the computer's touchpad. The problem seems to happen whether I control the cursor with the touchpad or the tablet.


      Thanks for your tme!