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    Clear pictures

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      I'm new to this stuff.  Is there a website I can go to where there are clear non-pixelated pictures?  I'm just playing around with stuff, but can't find a decent pic to use as a background because they are mostly from Google Images.  Any suggestions?  What resolutions should I be looking for?

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          When you use images for print the effective resolution in InDesign should be between 240ppi to 300ppi, not less.

          Don't use image from the web or a web page unless you are entitled to use them. Normally you have to buy images for your purposes from stock photos or photographers (or shops) which are selling the licence to use their image for a specific purpose. And if you use an image without permission they can require to pay you more as if you would have to pay with a normal contract. If you like an image, ask the person who own its rights, if you can't find anyone, don't use it.


          The same with printed images, don't scan an image and use it without permission, it is someone else property.

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            4T4 Level 1

            Definitely not using these for any professional purposes.  Just for home use, trying to teach myself the ropes.  Thank you for the info, it's very helpful