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    Adobe Program Files Missing After Reboot


      I've had this weird and incredibly frustrating problem with Adobe CC since about Feb. 25th. I'm running Windows 7.


      Every time I restart my computer, all my Adobe program files (.exe) are missing. All the support files and shortcuts remain. Restarting my computer affects no other applications except for ones downloaded from Creative Cloud.


      I can, however, always launch the Creative Cloud Desktop app (so long as I run it as administrator). Suggested fixes that haven't worked:



      More relevant details:


      • I started out using a 30-day free trial of certain Adobe programs, then switched to a student license in mid-February (pretty close to when I started having this issue). While I was on the free trial, I never had trouble launching programs.
      • It's possible the first I restarted my computer following my update to a student license was Feb 23, right after a critical Windows update.
      • Initially, only certain programs were affected. I could open Audition and Premiere, but not Photoshop, After Effects or InDesign. After I ran the cleaner tool on everything and reinstalled from scratch, the error now affects every program file.


      My current, silly workaround is running the cleaner tool on the programs I need to use after I have to restart, basically reinstalling everything once a week. My internet connection is pretty bad. It's turning into a real problem as I try and get more freelance work; I spend half my time just troubleshooting, reinstalling and so on instead of working.


      I've searched for anyone who's had a similar problem to me, and I can't seem to find any. My guess is it's a unique blend of Adobe and Microsoft not talking to each other properly. I doubt it's malware; I've run multiple scans on my computer.


      The only other fix I can think of is a complete reinstall of Windows 7, but I shouldn't have to do that just to be able to use the software. Hope someone has an idea. I'm stumped.


      Other threads I've posted to:



      Let me know if you all have any more questions that could be relevant to helping me resolve this.