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    image resolution


      i want to check all the photo resolution within a file, before sending to print,

      is there a way to check them all in one time?!


      thank you.

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          In terms of Indesign, images are usually not "within" the file, but linked. So you can check the resolution outside of Indesign, for example with Bridge. Bridge collects meta data and other things and you could, like, filter all images that have 150dpi or 300dpi etc.


          In case there are not so many photos, you may also use the LINKS panel to unfold the file information below the list and check every link manually.

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            [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

            From the InDesign Help: "Preflighting files before handoff"


            http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesign/cs/using/WSa285fff53dea4f8617383751001ea8cb3f-7060a.h tml


            Define a preflight profile

            1.Choose Define Profiles from the Preflight panel menu or from the Preflight menu at the bottom of the document window.
            2.Click the New Preflight Profile icon , and specify a name for the profile.
            3.In each category, specify the preflight settings. A check mark in a box indicates that all settings are included. An empty box indicates that no settings are included. 
            Links Determine whether missing links and modified links are displayed as errors.
            Color Determine which transparency blending space is required and whether items such as CMY plates, colorspaces, and overprinting are allowed.
            Images and Objects Specify requirements for items such as image resolution, transparency, and stroke thickness.

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              John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The Links panel can show actual resolution and effective resolution in columns that are not visible by default. Turn them on by choosing Panel Options from the Links panel menu.



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                rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Bridge collects meta data and other things and you could, like, filter all images that have 150dpi or 300dpi etc.

                Bridge won't tell you the output or Effective Resolution of the image on a page, so the Bridge image metadata res could easily be misleading