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    RH11: Word-Import: Lists are not converted into HTML

    JulianPollmann Level 1


      I want to import a large Word-File into RH 11.

      In Word i use a lot of lists with propper style templates.

      Rh does natively convert them into lists but makes paragraphs from it with a bullet in front and a few blank spaces ->not what I expect.

      Removing the bullet signs in Word, importing then and setting the format styles as a list with bullets in front during RH import>

      RH shows that the paragraph has the correct style. But the bullets are not shown in the importet topics, the topic is still a html paragraph, no list.

      When I reassign the style to the paragraph manually, it works.

      But that cant be a sollution for 2000 Word-Pages...



      This is how it comes out out import:


      <p class="BESAufzaehlung">Einige häufig benutzte Befehle lassen sich sehr

      schnell mit einer Tastenkombination<a name="IX_Tastenkombination_1" id="IX_Tastenkombination_1"></a>&#160;ausführen,

      z.B. die Tasten <span class="Tastenkombination">Strg + C</span> für Kopieren

      von zuvor markierten Elementen.</p>


      This it looks like when I reassign the style manually it already has


      <?rh-list_start level="1" an="1" class="rl-p-WD_BESAufzaehlung" style="list-style: rh-list;" ?><p

        class="BESAufzaehlung">Den gesamten Befehlsumfang einer Anwendung

      erreichen Sie über die Menüleiste<a name="IX_Men_leiste" id="IX_Men_leiste"></a>&#160;(siehe

      Kapitel <a href="Die_Menüleiste.htm">Die Menüleiste</a><span style="color: black;">),</span>

      die sowohl mit der Maus<a name="IX_Maus_9" id="IX_Maus_9"></a>&#160;als

      auch mit der Tastatur<a name="IX_Tastatur_3" id="IX_Tastatur_3"></a>&#160;bedient

      werden kann.</p><?rh-list_end ?>


      Hope someone can help,

      Thanks in advance,