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    Photoshop says it's running in Trial mode.


      Hi there,


      10 days ago I purchased the Lightroom+Photoshop package. I went on to install that on my Mac Pro but now everytime I open Photoshop it pops open the Adobe Application Manager who reminds my that there are X days remaining on my Photoshop trial. Lightroom works without problems.

      I can click on either License this software or Contintue Trial. When I select license this software I get the message that login is required. It already knows my Adobe ID. When I click on the Sign In button it just goes to the next screen that asks for a serial number which I obviously don't have since it's a CC product and we don't get serial numbers.

      The strange part is, I also installed it on my MacBook Pro and it works flawlessly there. It activates/registers without issues.

      Yesterday I removed all the CC software with the provided Adobe CC removal tools. I also manually deleted every trace of Adobe files I could find on my system (application support files in both the Libraries, caches etc). I then went on to reinstall the software but the issue remains. Lightroom works, Photoshop keeps claiming it's running in trial mode.


      I searched for a solution to this problem on the internet and these forums at first. There are a lot of people having this issue but no real solution is given (or no solution that actually works for me). It seems to be a somewhat common issue unfortunately.

      One of the things I read is that it could be a language issue, when installing the software in a different language than your OS. My OS is in Dutch but I installed the software in English international (because I'm not used to a Dutch language photoshop, I get all lost if it's not in English ). But on the other hand, on my laptop the situation is exactly the same. Dutch OSX, English CC install. And yet that works perfectly.

      Also my hosts file is clean, nothing is blocking communication to Adobe servers. I also tried disconnecting and reconnecting my account from inside the Creative Cloud menu app's settings to no avail.


      It frustrates me to no end that the almost exact same setup works on my laptop and not on my desktop machine. Especially because the Mac Pro is my work machine and I rarely, if ever, use Photoshop on my laptop.


      I really don't want to wait and see what happens in 20 days when the trial runs out. I don't know what to do anymore after doing that clean install (unless I missed just that crucial file that causes the issue..). Maybe it's an issue on the CC authentication server's end. Maybe I tried reinstalling too many times and it now thinks I'm running it on more than 2 computers? But that seems unlikely.


      I'm running OSX 10.9.2 on both machines.