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    Directory List from XML

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      I would outsource this section of a Flash site to someone who understands
      actionscript and xml.
      The section that needs to be created is a project title directory.
      The project title list or directory:
      1. needs to be created from an existing XML file.
      2. be displayed in Flash as 3 columns with a scroll when necessary. Each
      column lists all Proj_title's for that Category.
      3. Clicking on a Proj_title from the list would open up that project in the
      existing allprojects.fla.

      The All Projects page is already done and pulls its data from the same XML
      It displays scrolling images of products. When an image is clicked, a
      detailed section opens with other images and text all coming from the same
      xml file. This section is completed. Now with a Directory List, the same
      happens when clicking on a Proj_title from the list.
      The directory list is what needs to be done.
      The XML file contains: Image, Category, Proj_title, Thumbnail, Summary,
      Description, Picture1, Pic1Desc, Picture2, Pic2Desc, Picture3, Pic3Desc,
      Use, Builder, Builder etc.....
      The XML file used for the directory is the same used for the rest of this
      Please find link to see the xml file: www.filecondo.com/allimages.xml
      If you are interested in this freelance job please respond to this post.

      Thank you