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    Help with resolution


      So my desktop is resolution 1280x1024 and when i try to put any full hd photo.. or in this case (2000x1125 photo) It gives me black stripes on the top and on the bottom of my desktop... I know that there is an option "fill" in the personalize section but i don't want that...

      Is there a way to take that Black stripes in the photoshop and make the top and the bottom of the photo to "continue" to make a mirror of colors or something, so that there are not any black stripes? Please help


      PS: Link to the photo   http://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=499356

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          It is true, your monitor resolution 1280x1024, and you want 2000x1125 size. Basically resolution depend your  monitor. One way solve this, change your monitor

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Your Desktop display displays 1280x1024 Pixels that is a 5:4 aspect ratio.  If you way to fill all those 1280x1024 pixels with image you need to crop you image to a 5:4 aspect ratio are resize the image to 1280x1024.   Your desktop Displays resolution is somewhere near 100DPI for the do not manufacture high resolution desktop displays.  You can measure the width  or do the 5:4 math ob the diagonal to find the width of you display area a divide 1280by the width to get your displays actual resolution.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              Continuing from what JJ said, select the Crop tool, and in the Options bar enter 1280px in the width and 1024px for the height.  This will force the crop to the correct aspect ratio.  Now just decide how you want to fill that window.  You don't need the sides of the image, so just crop tighter, like this


              Crop lady.jpg

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                C0ldslayer Level 1

                Thanks to everyone, this was very helpful... Just another question, Yes I do need a new monitor... Do you recommend some? I got around 1500kunas .. or 273US dollars, or 200euro