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    Is it possible to Datamosh using AE?


      (Two questions in the same week, feel kinda ashamed)


      Hello, i was wondering if somebody can help me with some details in how to do the datamosh effect on AE. Datamosh is some kind of transition glitch effect where, putting it vaguely, the movement of the second clip takes the last pixels of the first one. Should look something like this:



      I've seen several tutorials on youtube, but most of them are using differents softwares and when the video is finished, I can't use it on AE or Premiere because of it's extension or format.


      On AE i know it has something to do with playing a little bit with the displacement map effects but i can't quite make it nearly similar. Besides, the Displacement map works as an effect on one clip but i don't know how to make it a transition. Any kinda of suggestion and help would be really appreciated.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Layers.... you have to separate the area you want to apply the effect to on a separate layer, then apply and animate your effect. You just can't do in with one layer. Layering, roto or masking, and opacity transitions are some of the most basic skills you need to develop if you are doing visual effects. This brings up the question, are you new to AE?


          AE will not show you only i frames or only p frames, but you can use motion, displacement mapping, and other effects to simulate this, IMHO, extremely hard to watch and not very creative way to tell a story.

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            Alvmar0122 Level 1

            Not exactly new to AE, but haven't done much stuff besides basic animation and i haven't use it in quite a long time. I've copied several layers, applying different effects and opacity settings but still, i think i'm missing a few details. Even thought this effects is weird and i'm sure i'm not going to use it very often, i need to learn it for a specific video when it's use has a special meaning.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Do some research on roto and track mattes. Apply your track matte or roto to a copy of your layer, distort that layer, then do a opacity transition either using an animated mask, a gradient transition, or an animated track matte.

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                layering and roto will not work for a mosh

                motion vectors from twixtor pro might help as a displacement map.

                this tutorial might help? not the same thing but may lead you to a solution

                Particle Man Tutorial on Vimeo

                if not just use another programme like ffmpeg