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    about adobe video rander encoder!!!!



      I have a big question about encoder,it confuse me.

      I want to make a red title on white bakcground,and I use H264 encoder as commonly used.

      The final video seems like the title have a shadow or bevel ,it looks like 3D, but what I want is flat effect.


      Here the screenshot below.


      1.preview in AE,the edge between two colors is clean .


      2.preview of video with quicktime animation,There are some shadows about 1pixel at the edge between two colors.


      3.preview of video with quicktime H264,become worst!


      Is anyone knows how to do? Is it a unsolvable technical problem?Help me pls!!!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          What are you using to display the images we see above?

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            bogiesan Level 4

            You're seeing quantization errors; there is far less detail, there are fewer pixels and fewer colors in your encoded file than in your original. That's why it's called compression. You can experiment with larger bitrates and different encoders and different codecs. But there are limits to what you can pack into H.264 or any other codec. Something has to go when you reduce a file at a 10 to one ratio. The pixels between two area of pure color cannot be resolved when compressed, tey get smooshed. 

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              shicheng Level 1

              You mean monitor? Or broadcast platform?

              I make this video by macbook pro,and my client use PC to watch it.

              Finally put the video on de big LED screen.

              And we play all these videos by software like VLC,quicktime,PVP or other software.

              No matter what ways we uesed,it always have the same problems.

              I think it's not the display's problems. It more like the encoder's.

              When I use quicktime animation,quicktime PNG,PNG sequence,Targa sequence to encode,it's better or good.

              H264,Photo-jpeg,jpeg sequence is bad.

              Apple ProRes 422 is bad,but Apple ProRes 4444 is better.

              Other usually encoder DV25 PAL is also bad.

              The problem is I always use H264,it's common,and compatibility is well.And people use different platform to watch,I must make sure that everyone watch the same effect I watched.


              How can I do?

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                shicheng Level 1

                Some guy said that the color red lost mostly after composed and I already think it's encoder's problems.

                But it's no way to fix the problem? I mean except larger brtrates and different encoders.

                Because  H264 is common,and compatibility is well. not all the people can play a special encoder or large files.

                Do we have any better solution?

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  As Bogesian says, these are the result of video compression -- ESPECIALLY H.264.  There is no completely error-free way to compress.

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                    shicheng Level 1

                    I see,It makes me awkward!

                    I mean,the clients need a flat effect,but I get them a effect with a little shadow ,or bevel.

                    If you want a flat? OK,I must get you a large files that only can play on my professional computer.

                    Because the technology is not good enough.



                    Wish this problem can be solved in the future,complex things always bother me.

                    I just want the video output as what I want


                    Anyway, thank you all !

                    If anyone know better ways,tell us

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                      Dave LaRonde Level 6

                      Your screen shots shot that you are looking at COLOR BARS.  Why don't you look at a real image to make a judgement?

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                        Bob Currier Level 3

                        You're running into low color-subsamping and minmal luma contrast. That is, the colors are highly saturated and change abruptly from one hue to another, but the luma values aren't that much different. That is pretty much worst-case for a highly compressed format like H.264.


                        Try reducing the saturation of your colors. If the problem is specifically red-on-white, try reducing the saturation of the red and also reducing the brightness of the white. You can also try a slight horizontal blur prior to compression. None of that will eliminate the problem, but may make it a lot more acceptable. You'll be surprised at how much you can desaturate the red with it still looking "bright red" on your final LED display device.


                        (Highly saturated, bright red is the worst color there is in terms of artifacts in highly-compressed codecs, although fluorescent orange safety vests and traffic cones may be worse.)

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                          shicheng Level 1

                          Because I want make a video which red word on white background like below.



                          You can see the shadow ,it makes look like layer style,but I want a flat effct.


                          2.Quicktime animation

                          It's OK.But large file!


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                            shicheng Level 1

                            @Bob Currier


                            Thank you!

                            I have already try the solution you say before I wrote a post.

                            But can't  acceptable.


                            I encoding the video with quicktime animation finally. It have a good compatibility  with PC even large file.


                            So this a technical problem,not my encoder's.I just want to make sure about this.


                            Thank you all for your reply!!!


                            Have a good day!

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                              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              It's your color levels that are causing the problem when you compress the video. Red against white is extremely tough to compress. Pull the values down from the max and things will improve.