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    Best Method of packaging a set of images over the internet

    Bayani Portier Level 1

      I just stepped in on a Flex project about 4 weeks ago, and the current project requires that we package a set of images into a .SWF file to send them over the internet as a method of wrapping to a smaller file set.

      SWFLoader is called dynamically in AS 3.0 rather than being embedded.

      Currently, the system uses a method where the .SWF file is loaded, and the playhead is moved to a particular frame where the image is placed at a set of pre defined co-ordinates. The image data is then read into a bitmap variable, which is then loaded into an image client side. It seems a round a bout way of doing things to me. Furthermore, the correct SWF file doesn't always load, so weird images are displayed in place of what *should* be there. IE, file1.SWF has 3 frames, file2.SWF has 8 frames, and only sometimes when you access file2.SWF frame number 4, frame number 1 of file1.SWF appears, or when you access frame 2 of file2.SWF, frame 2 of file1.SWF appears. We have 8 SWF files, loaded one after the other, and the loading seems to be absolutely willy nilly. To make matters worse, the program is cyclical, meaning that multiple users use the same machine, so any particular movie could be loaded incorrectly. We manually garbage collect at the end, but it is absolutely perplexing.

      The Flex documentation suggests that the SWF library can somehow be directly accessed, but I have found nothing on the internet to date, so I'm hoping there might be a spandex wearing supercoder out there that might be able to help me out on how to directly access the SWF library.

      Alternately, if someone knows of another method of packaging a set of images into one file, and then being able to crack that package open to get to the images directly, I am definitely all ears.

      Is there anybody out there that can help?